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Referral Partners

At Trent’s mortgage and Finance Broking we are looking for referral partners that want to form an alliance with our company who can refer clients to us for home loan approvals.

1. What are referral partners?

Referral Partners are people that can refer clients to us on their behalf. These clients can then apply for a loan with our company.

2. What referral partners are we looking for?

• Real Estate Agents
• Accountants
• Financial Planners
• Builders
• Buyer/Vendor Advocates
• Developers
• Networking Groups
• Solicitors/Conveyancers
• Sporting Clubs/Schools

3. What are the benefits of becoming a referral partner with your company?

• Different payment arrangements for a successful loan been approved through a referral partner which includes a Commission Split, Flat Fee or a Mutual Exchange.
• Regular communication with the referrer from a client they have referred.
• The referrer will keep been informed throughout the loan process from a client they have referred.
• Regular business meetings on deals.
• Add value to your business
• A simple referral process
• The best loans for clients that are suitable for them. We have 14 lenders and many different loan options available to them. More will be available in the future when we are accredited with more lenders.
• Fast responses to referral partners

4. Are you looking for partners right now?

Yes we are looking for partners right now. If you are interested in becoming a referral partner please send an email to info@trentsmortgageandfinancebroking.com