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Main Signs Your House Needs TLC

1. Water Damage
A leaky roof, a flood prone basement of frequent plumbing problems should never be ignored. Not only will they cause expensive damage to your home, but they also be signs of deeper structural problems.

2. Inefficient Appliances
New appliances have become more energy efficient than older models. Check energy ratings on your fridge, water heater and other appliances and compare them with brand new models. By switching appliances you can save nearly 20% on your energy bills each month.

3. Your family size changes

4. Your Closets Are Full
If you’ve decluttered and organised all of your stuff, but it is falling out, that’s a sign you are running out of storage space. You will need to look into building WIRs or bigger wardrobes. Storage renovations are affordable and easy, so do some research.

5. Your Home Is Not Up to Scratch
If your house is not up to the standards of homes around it, you might be garnering resentment from your neighbours for bringing property values down. A facelift will not only make your neighbours happy but it will also add value to your home. The easiest and most affordable fix is a coat of paint.