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86400 Digital Bank

We are excited to be accredited with 86400 Bank and are able to offer home loans from them.

Why 86400

  • 85% LVR (Loan to Valuation Ratio) with no Lenders Mortgage Insurance needed.
  • Smart app that shows customers there banking all in one and alerts them about any upcoming bills they have.
  • Fast unconditional home loan approvals.
  • 35-year loan terms that will extend the term of your mortgage and the repayments will be lower compared to your standard 30-year mortgage.
  • Electronic ID checks and electronic income and expenses verification.
  • Fully assessed and verified pre-approvals.
  • There is an Australian call centre that you can call and get through to them if you have any trouble or questions.
  • Up to $250,000 cash out on your home loan.
Digital Bank

Own Home Loan

There is a variable and fixed option available and an offset account as well.

Variable Loans

  • 100% interest offset on multiple spend and save accounts.
  • Unlimited additional repayments.
  • Redraw available on additional repayments you have made.
  • Rates are from 2.14% with a LVR <60%

Fixed Rate Loans

  • Make up to $20,000 in additional repayments per fixed term.
  • Redraw available on additional repayments you have made.
  • Choose to rate lock for 90 days (Fees Apply)
  • Rates are from 2.99% 1 year fixed, owner occupied with a principal and interest of with an LVR <80%
Fixed Rate Loans

Neat Home Loans

  • No ongoing fees
  • Redraw available on additional repayments you have made.
  • Unlimited additional repayments so you can pay your loan off sooner.
  • Interest rates start from 1.89% with an LVR of <60%.
Neat Home Loans

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